Having managed services for technology lets organisations focus on their core business.

Traditionally managed services providers managed servers, networks and other such technical components. We strongly believe that the future of managed services is “Managed Experiences” or “Managed Outcomes” wherein technology companies should manage and guarantee business outcomes.

At TeleApps, our core focus is Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) solutions. We design, deliver and support technology solutions like unified communications, collaboration, data networking and customer interaction solutions which deliver the EX & CX. We manage these solutions end to end as they are interdependent to deliver quality employee experience and customer experience.

ITIL based service management

Our service desk is based on ITIL based management principles. Our cloud based monitoring solution collects data from various communication components to deliver various service components shown in the picture. We use AI-based analytics, automation, workflows, reporting and notifications to keep the technology that underpins communication solutions running flawlessly.

Get to the bottom of incidents before users complain. Identify root causes to stop them happening again. Fix bottlenecks slowing down your network. And switch off unused resources to improve your bottom line. Talk to our team to get a free assessment done on your infrastructure and see how we can assist you with our end-to-end managed services of your technology so that you can focus on your core business.

Technology management

The diagram shows the various technologies we can manage and monitor on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business. We offer integrated management and monitoring solution so that there is no finger pointing between various parties involved in connectivity and communication solutions.

While more and more solutions are moving towards the cloud or hybrid architecture, the underlying data connectivity is key to success of any application. Hence our managed services solution applies special emphasis on availability and quality of connectivity and cloud based infrastructure. We provide integrated management and insights on all the solutions mentioned in the diagram.

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