Automation and AI increases operational efficiencies and offers consistent experience

Automation Is Key to Delivering Consistent Customer Experiences

Automation if done correctly delivers best customer experience in the most efficient way. Research suggests 90% of customers would prefer to use self-service solutions to find the information they are looking for. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is most efficient when processing or predicting or decision making is required based on past experience and data. Automation along with AI provides unparalleled results and efficiencies to businesses and improves user experience.

Automation and AI can bring negative impacts to businesses and create a bad experience for customers if not implemented correctly. Also, in cases of partial automation where a human will take over the conversation or transaction eventually, it needs to be designed even more carefully. At TeleApps, we have been designing customer friendly and efficient CX automation solutions for decades. Our consultants work with businesses to identify the appropriate tasks that can be automated and ensures customer experience is also taken care of.


Using automation and Artificial Intelligence can be the most efficient way to interact with your customers and improve efficiency if implemented correctly. It is a double edged sword. Because, poorly designed automation can frustrate your customers, reduce customer satisfaction and increase follow up calls/emails which defeats the purpose. Our consultants have been assisting businesses for over two decades in designing friendly and effective automation. Below are some of the areas of automation we can assist with.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automation in the traditional telephony industry is called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Such solutions are useful where mundane and repetitive tasks need to be automated in customer interactions without waiting for a human being to become available to assist. Adding Artificial Intelligence to such automation improves the friendliness and experience of callers by utilising historical data and events

Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are nothing but conversational IVRs. In traditional IVRs, the questions are directed and the responses need to be selected from provided options. Whereas in conversational automation, the customers can ask any question as if they would in a conversation with a human being. Using knowledge base and Artificial Intelligence, the virtual agent applications converses with the customers. Organisations like Google and AWS are leading the way in using AI for customer interactions. We can assist in enabling virtual agents using these AI technologies on top of your existing customer interaction solutions

AI using Amazon & Google

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Speech Recognition & Biometrics

Speech recognition has already become an important experience available in various use cases in our day to day life. Using speech recognition in a customer interaction is a classic one. Combining the science of speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence is the future wherein it provides conversational interaction ability. We can assist in automating any interaction irrespective of the telephony platform. Our voice is a secured, trustworthy and unique mechanism to identify ourselves. Even in our day to day life, we can identify a familiar person talking with our eyes closed. In case of doubt, we can always ask further questions to narrow down the identify. Voice biometrics is the science where ones voice is used as their identity. In most cases, it eliminates the need for asking various identification questions and is a accepted mechanism to replace written or electronic contracts

Predictive Diallers

Artificial Intelligence has been in use in outbound dialling for quite sometime in form of predictive dialling. In situations where you need to reach out to large number of customers but can’t afford to waste your staff’s time in dialling or misdialling or unreachable scenarios, predictive dialling solutions can predict when your staff will become available (based on past historical data & events) and have an active customer call waiting for them to answer.

Chat bots

Chat bots are similar to virtual agents discussed above, but in form of instant messaging interaction. Using knowledge base and Artificial Intelligence, chat bot solutions can have a conversation with your customers without needing a human being to assist. In fact, if designed correctly, the same set of knowledge base and AI rules can be used for both virtual voice agents and chat bots as they are both responding to similar queries, but just using different interaction media.

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