Telephony or voice is still an important channel for providing customer service

Personalisation and care is best delivered via human interaction

Even with all the digitisation in terms of different modes of communication like email, chat, SMS and social media, voice/telephony is still the best channel of communication to show care and emotion. Personalisation and service can be delivered better when talking to another human being.

At TeleApps, we have been working on customer service and CX based solutions for over 2 decades. Our consultants have been helping 100’s of organisations with their customer interaction strategy. Whether your organisation has a proper call centre setup or not, we can assist you with a customer service strategy and solution that can improve the experience of your customers and increase your retention, customer satisfaction, efficiency and productivity.

Customer Experiences (CX ) Voice

Voice interaction is most common channel of interaction irrespective of whether your organisation has a call centre setup or not. We can assist with all of the following functionalities to improve experience of your customers in dealing with your organisation. These functionalities can be extended for other channels of communications as well like emails, chat and social media.

Call Distribution

Although ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) is a terminology used in call/contact centre, any organisation which receives calls which are not meant for to a specific person within your organisation, but needs to be answered by a group of people or a subject matter expert requires a call distribution application. Irrespective of whether your organisation has a call/contact centre setup on not, our call distribution solutions can assist in providing this experience and functionality

Speech recognition

Speech recognition has already become an important experience available in various use cases in our day to day life. Using speech recognition in a customer interaction is a classic one. Combining the science of speech recognition and Artificial Intelligence is the future wherein it provides conversational interaction ability. We can assist in automating any interaction irrespective of the telephony platform.

Voice biometrics

Our voice is a secured, trustworthy and unique mechanism to identify ourselves. Even in our day to day life, we can identify a familiar person talking with our eyes closed. In case of doubt, we can always ask further questions to narrow down the identify. Voice biometrics is the science where ones voice is used as their identity. In most cases, it eliminates the need for asking various identification questions and is a accepted mechanism to replace written or electronic contracts.

Automation & AI

Automation in the traditional telephony industry is called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Such solutions are useful where mundane and repetitive tasks need to be automated in customer interactions without waiting for a human being to become available to assist. Adding Artificial Intelligence to such automation improves the friendliness and experience of callers by utilising historical data and events.

Outbound calling

When a whole range of customers need to be called to notify something or to follow up, manual dialling of each customer takes time and adds human error factor. We can assist in automation of outbound calling with solutions ranging from using a simple click-to-call mechanism to sophisticated predictive diallers.


In the traditional telephony and call/contact centre industry, we used to have “reporting” solutions which basically display the data in a certain format. Analytics is the science of analysing different dimensions of data and provide intelligent insights. Our experts have been assisting originations for over two decades and hence have ample experience in setting up Analytics solutions on top of any data.


In the past, only paper based contracts were accepted. Then we got digital contract mechanisms like fax, electronic documents with e-signatures, etc. Now, we have another form of legal contract which is based on voice recordings. Our voice contract solutions lets you design your own questions and answers which can be played to the customer and the recording of their answers in their own voice acts as the contract.


Call recording of voice calls are traditionally used for quality, training and compliance purposes. While call recording solutions are still used for these, the recordings can now serve much more useful purposes like creating a transcript, voice contract and analytics. Analytics is the most powerful functionality wherein the purpose, experience, emotion and various other insights can be gained by using the call recording.


Work Force Optimisation is the science wherein all aspects of customer interactions and staff/employee operations are used to gain intelligent insights which can be used to improve customer experience and gain operational efficiencies. Various functionalities form part of WFO like call recording, screen recording, quality monitoring, customer survey, speech analytics, data analytics and desktop analytics.


When you have lot of staff working on shift and/or roster basis, it becomes hard to track the availability, time management, attendance, scheduling and performance. Work Force Management assists in managing these aspects of workforce and provides useful insights into all of these functional areas.

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