Fulfil the needs of your modern workforce without compromising your organisation’s security

Security threats are ever changing and expanding, and so should an organisation’s security strategy

Today’s workplaces are becoming increasingly complex and fluid – particularly when it comes to security management. The modern worker expects to be able to work from anywhere, on any device and at any time. To attract and retain the best people, providing this compelling and engaging employee experience (EX) is essential. However, it’s important to remember that just as demand for a positive EX is growing – so are security risks.

At TeleApps, we understand the importance of security while trying to provide the best experience for employees. Hence we focus on security solutions that protects employees and organisations without compromising on flexible and digital working environments.

Network Access Control

With the digitisation of workplace, Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), research shows that your employees are your biggest threat. Guests and others who visit your offices are a big threat too. Employees and visitors bring in an average two to three devices per person and except flexible connectivity for them. Then there are common devices like cameras, sensors, tracking devices, etc. which need wired and wireless connectivity too. Having a balance between flexible connectivity and security is key.

Network Access Control (NAC) solution from TeleApps is multi-vendor capable, AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered, agentless and mobility friendly. Our NAC solution protects wired, wireless, WAN and internet connectivity all managed from a single pane of glass.

Corporate firewall

While NAC solutions protects your organisation internally, Corporate Firewalls acts as gateway to your organisation and protects traffic going in and out. With the level of threats these days, every bit of data needs to be tested and eliminated for known and potential threats.

Our corporate firewall solution can be deployed in a device or completely virtualised. It can be fully managed from cloud along with other security solutions like end point protection, phish threat, encryption, mobile protection and managed threat response.

Endpoint protection

Today’s workforce is fully mobile and expect flexibility to work from anywhere. While you can secure connectivity and access within your offices, you still need to secure the devices and data when your employees are on the move. Data has become one of the most valuable assets and protecting data is one of the biggest challenges for organisations.

We provide endpoint protection solutions that can secure individual devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets irrespective of where they are. If your company data is stored within a device, that device becomes a huge threat for your organisation and employees and hence needs to have complete protection.

Zero trust network security

With every employee or visitor owning two to three devices in average that requires connectivity, it is very important to know what’s connected to your network. Users have become decentralised and attacks have become more sophisticated. Traditional security approaches that focused primarily on the perimeter of the network have become ineffective as standalone security strategies

Our network security solutions follow a core zero trust principle. Our Zero Trust Security improves the overall network security posture by applying a more rigorous set of security best practices and controls to previously trusted network resources

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