Analysing data and systems in silos doesn’t give realistic view on business outcomes and user experiences.

Getting insights into user experience requires combining and analysing insights generated from integrated systems.

When delivering experiences to your employees and customers, there are various systems and solutions involved. For example, when considering collaboration, unified communications and customer experience management solutions, the underlying network/data connectivity plays a key part in quality of the user experience. If there is an issue or delay in network, the impact is immediately seen on these experience based solutions.

At TeleApps, we understand these interdependencies and hence we have designed monitoring solutions that provide end to end insights. For example, our telephony/voice analytics solutions links down to the network data transmission and our network analytics solutions provides insights into the voice quality based on latency and packet loss. Our engineers are skilled in telephony, applications and networking and hence are able to analyse and provide integrated insights.

Voice & video insights

Voice and video are probably the most sensitive solutions in terms of real-time data. Any packet loss or jitter on voice and video calls are immediately experienced by all users and deteriorates the experience of the users. Traditional IT monitoring solutions don’t have the in-depth monitoring ability to monitor voice and video calls. Also, activities happening in the underlying network connectivity layer also has impact on voice & video calls. Our voice & video monitoring solutions are specialised in understanding voice traffic down to the packet level and can provide an integrated insight of networking and voice infrastructure together.

Networking insights

In current day and age where networking consists of wired, wireless, WAN, internet, SDWAN and mobility based connectivity, identifying the source of the issue takes lot of troubleshooting. That too, if you have a hybrid vendor environment, troubleshooting becomes even more harder. Our networking insights solution consists of sensors that can be deployed on top of any vendor wired or wireless solutions. The sensors emulates end users and identifies issues before the user complain. These sensors along with network infrastructure monitoring provides end-to-end insights on your entire environment.

Experiences insights

Various technologies are involved in delivering an outcome or experience to users. For example, to deliver a quality voice call experience, there are whole bunch of voice application services that need to running efficiently and more importantly the availability and quality of the underlying network connectivity. Rather than monitoring each of these technical services, our experience monitoring solution emulates the end user and hence provides an integrated insight of all solutions working together end-to-end.

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