Data helps you understand your customers better and constantly improve their experience.

Businesses today have access to unprecedented amount of data on customers and internal operations

Analytics is understating and deriving insights from collected data. When considering data collected while handling customer interactions, organisations will be able to derive insights on customer experience, customer’s interaction pattern and internal operations. Analysis of each of these insights produces invaluable information to improve customer experience, retention & growth of customers, operational efficiencies and even improve employee experience.

Our consultants at TeleApps can assist organisations in designing the solutions to collect the right data, store it efficiently, have the right applications to analyse the data, assist stake holders in understanding the data and assist businesses in ongoing improvements using the knowledge gained. We can offer analytics services as part of our managed services offering which provides businesses with ongoing analysis and consulting.

Customer Insights

In order to provide consistent and positive customer experience, analysis of historical data and deriving insights from it is imperative. Insights from customer interactions can also help to improve your operational effectiveness. Irrespective of what channels are made available and used by your customers to interact with your organisation, designing the right data collection points increases the effectiveness of data and provides unimaginable wealth of knowledge into customer behaviours and preferences. Collecting these insights and fine tuning the CX journey based on the insights should be an ongoing task.

Operational Insights

Collecting and analysing of data from your staff’s side while interacting with customers provides another dimension into CX. The way your staff use their applications, their speed and analysis of data exchanged provides insights into the staff’s capabilities, their weaknesses and ways to improve customer experience. Deploying the right solution and designing it correctly with data collection points is critical to gain such insights.

Speech Analytics

Call recording of voice calls were traditionally used for quality, training and compliance purposes. While call recording solutions are still used for these, the recordings can now serve much more useful purposes like creating a transcript, voice contract and analytics. Analytics is the most powerful functionality wherein the purpose, experience, emotion and various other insights can be gained by using the call recording


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Surveys are one of the most effective ways to measure and improve customer satisfaction. While various solutions can be implemented to provide insights on interactions, there is nothing like asking the customer what they think. Getting the customers to participate in surveys is probably the hardest. Hence, surveys need to be carefully designed and strategically positioned in order to make it effective.

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